Bravo-Matters Arising-Prod by cb


Matters Arising

Intro: Matters Arising turn up, turn up Bravo

Chorus::: I don’t know what’s happening to my country

(Everything Dabba)

The people suffering and smiling

(Everything Dabba)

What’s going on makes me crying

(cry and die)…. (feel and cry)…… uuhhh yeahhhh (nobody cares)

I really wanna know how the matter be

(Matter raw)

Who’s gonna tell me how the matter be

(I say matter raw)

What’s going on makes me crying

(Am gonna tell you how the matter be relax girl) yeah

Rap: I reject ASSU bcs every yeah there strike dey I come to RSU, school fees increase every year Covid 19 came all the schools dem lockdown ordinary curfew, shey my school don dey shutdown 2020 bad I no fit count am for my year Exam suspended unserious student dey shout oh yeah! like play like play 4yrs course don dey turn 5yrs over No be carry-over, my brother Gov’t dem maneuver As in dey hot student don dey compare Naira Bet To education cause e no get odd like KingsBet (Imagine) 7,000 people needed for Gov’t employment But 5.4 million applications, dey need empowerment. Ups and down, see the masses don dey confuse Gov’t dem off dem generator and pull out Neppa fuse Story story everyday and too much excuse Yes we know the Koko but we cannot fit to refuse Palliative they should give when dey know say hunger dey They hide am use do survenir for Dem birthday Shey na the corruption dey claim dey always fight be this Nothing we no dey see, in 9ja we Photoshop video like this Everything dey do we know say dey come to formulate Him and the worowor men dat follow him to officiate dey hid the camera just to look for who to implicate but na lie dey do cause everything wey sub we can relate Dem don yarn am before but I go still talk am again when things like this dey happen, na we dey suffer the pain small thing wey sup, army dem begin fly aeroplane if una kill us finish, tell me waiting go be una gain Lekki toll gate 20-10-2020 A day of no forget, look at the floor see blood dem plenty Like motor flip, teacher told me force na gravity dey put am for our body, my people die in a large quantity Cry me a river chai oh noooooo OKE don go What about Isiaq John? A lot of them don die go Tears on the land, even 9ja flag begin dey bleed Waiting cause all these? bad leaders dem dey mislead Apart from them, anything u talk na lie lie Soro soke your voice, make dem hear I swear Walai Enough of bad things, now we want to hear good news but everything we post, Army dem go tag am fake news Some people said this protest fit to turn to war o I beg una I no wan experience a 4th war o before a soldier will chase me from my room to the wall be like my friend common face front and pregnant the wall Tatata for my back, I no get Selina Before someone turn me dust to dust to shout Angelina free me now, let me dey live my own hard life as I open am, copy and paste inside my own hard drive Truth to God, I no dey like how this world be Everything dabba you can’t even buy onions keep Sars carry me, dem no gree my Mama see me End bad Gov’t now, yes that’s just how the matter be.

Chorus:::: That just how the matter be matter be yeah turn up, turn up that just how the matter be matter be…

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